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General · 9th May 2010
Barry Saxifrage
The cheap and easy stuff is gone. Welcome to Oil 2.0 The days of drilling shallow wells on nice flat land and extracting oil for a few dollars a barrel have come and gone. What is left is dirty, dangerous and expensive. Think tar sands, oil wars and monstrosities floating deep in hurricane alley. Instead of old-school oil spills we now get mile-deep oil volcanoes. Instead of rusting oil dippers we get giant “lakes” of deadly goop. So get used to words like “unprecedented” and “unprepared” and “devastating”. Oh yeah, and toss in a growing heap of climate shocks we are cooking up by burning it all. Let’s call that: Earth 2.0

It doesn’t have to be like this. But it is. So far.

Our only escape hatch is... here to read the rest of this article on The Vancouver Observer as originally published.