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General · 11th March 2011
Barry Saxifrage
A new report by VisualCarbon documents the Alberta oil sands plans to grab huge shares of Canada's limited CO2 allotment away from other businesses and families...and why that threatens these Canadians' prosperity.

Did you know:

* that the oil sands are the only industry in Canada that is rapidly increasing climate pollution still?

* that the oil sands generate six times fewer jobs and three times less GDP per tonne of CO2 than the rest of the Canadian economy?

* that the Indian economy produces more wealth per tonne of CO2 than the oil sands?

* that oil sands are getting dirtier per barrel, and the future trends look worse?

* that the oil sands are just 0.2% of the Canadian economy outside Alberta?

* that the oil sands already grab 6% of Canada's limited CO2 allotment...but plan to take 18% by 2020?

* that Albertans carbon footprint is larger than the people of any nation on earth?

* that Canada has fallen behind USA in cutting climate pollution and in the race for low-carbon prosperity?

* that because USA is doing better than Canada the average American makes an extra $5,0000 a year with the same carbon footprint...and Canada now needs a 45% higher carbon price than USA just to reach our shared 2020 finish line?

* that Prime Minister Harper has proposed just 13% of needed plans to meet the climate pledge he made for Canada

* that the Harper government has put nothing in place to prevent the oil sands from grabbing your fair share of Canada's shrinking CO2 allotment?

* that economists are clear that having to cut more in a given time frame dramatically increases costs per tonne?

These are just a few of the findings in our new report based on government and industry data.