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General · 9th May 2011
Barry Saxifrage
The Alberta oil sands are grabbing huge chunks of Canada's limited CO2 allotment away from other businesses and families forcing these Canadians to make much bigger and more costly cuts in the next few years. Not only are the oil sands corporations forcing other Canadians to cut far more than they would otherwise need to, but they are refusing to pay the extra costs and sticking the rest of us with the bill.

Neither our federal government nor the Alberta government has done anything to protect the other 99% of Canadians from the oil sands industry grabbing more than its fair share. This lack of rules is pitting one group of Canadians against another. The rest of us outside the oil sands bubble are losing. It is about to get much worse.

Fortunately we have a several existing made-in-Canada solutions that we could choose, as a nation, to expand and thereby re-unite Canada in the critical race for low-carbon prosperity.

This series of nine articles, originally published in the Vancouver Observer, delves deep into government and industry data to illuminate the details.

The entire series can be downloaded as a single PDF file below.