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General · 29th October 2012
Barry Saxifrage
A record-smashing superstorm is expected to slam into the eastern seaboard of the United States today. After rampaging though the Caribbean islands, hurricane Sandy has swelled into a massive storm system, as it plows along the east coast. Tropical force winds span over 1,500 km, making it the "largest hurricane in Atlantic history". An expanse of open ocean more than 2,500 km across is frothing with waves greater than 12 feet high. A monstrous slab of sea water is being shoved onto the coast and is expected to drive a record storm surge onto land for many regions, including New York City where subways have been shut down in case the tunnels flood.

Is climate change helping to fuel this "Frankenstorm"?

(note: this is just an excerpt from my full article published on the Vancouver Observer. Please click the link below to read the full article.)