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Chart as originally published in the Watershed Sentinel
Most Requested · 13th August 2012
Barry Saxifrage
How you get there makes all the difference in the amount of climate damage you do.

Flying can emit ten to twenty times more climate changing emissions per person than driving a mostly full car or taking the bus. A single flight can wipe out years of climate savings you've made from riding your bike, changing your lightbulbs and turning down the heat. Even the type of plane you fly on can make a tremendous difference...just like with cars.

Before you travel, check out our handy charts and info to find the best way to get there:

1) Download a printable version of this chart as it was originally published in the Watershed Sentinel. It is also attached below.

2) Try an interactive version of this chart.

3) View another chart that compares climate pollution from single flights to what citizens of different nations emit all year.

4) Offset your travel climate pollution using a high quality offset provider. Amosfair came out tops in our personal research as well as in some independent reviews. (Note: we are not affliated in any way with any offset providers)

5) Read stories of individuals and businesses who are struggling to balance the convenience and profits of jet setting with the oversized climate damage it does.

5) Explore all our charts, writings and resources on transportation.

The good news is that if your values include reducing the worst of your climate damage then there are lots of alternatives when it comes to travel. Be creative. Slow down and enjoy the landscape. Put some adventure back into your travel. And, best of all, arrive with your values intact.