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Hooked on junk carbon. Why Canada can't lose carbon weight. by Barry Saxifrage
"Junk food" = high calorie, little nutrition. "Junk carbon" = high pollution, little wealth.

Almost half of Canada's climate pollution is "junk carbon" that produces very little GDP, or jobs, per tonne. Until Canada cuts back on junk carbon it will continue to fail in its quest for a sustainable carbon diet.

The top panel shows Canada's carbon diet today. Each tonne of CO2 per person is shown as a black numbered box. The coin stacks show $GDP produced per tCO2. Emissions Intensive Trade Exposed sectors are in red. Rest of provincial economies are in gold. The lower 2030 panels show what happens if our junk carbon (the lowest $GDP and jobs per serving) stay at same level as today. Right now, Canada is both planning to lose carbon weight and planning to increase junk carbon its diet. And as you can clearly see, it is going to be one or the other. READ ARTICLE FOR FULL DETAILS
1st March 2016 · by Barry Saxifrage · website