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General · 29th March 2020
Barry Saxifrage
Canada's managed forests, and the wood taken out of them each year, have become one of our country's largest and yet most confusing sources of climate pollution. This forest carbon explainer tells the story of:

* The climate crisis unfolding in Canada's managed forest lands, as they flip from much-needed carbon absorbers into super-emitters
* How unnatural surges in insect outbreaks and wildfires are fueling the crisis
* The troubling data showing that logging is now extracting more carbon than grows back, pushing our forests over the edge
* And finally, the government's scramble to push the crisis, and any responsibility for it, off the books

This story is told in three parts below, each with increasing detail. It starts with an "Overview" section that covers the big picture. Then, for readers wanting more in-depth reporting and detailed charts, a "Digging Deeper" section follows. Finally, at the end, an extensive Q & A with links provides an even deeper dive into some key data.

Read the full article on the National Observer.

ADDITIONAL INFO -- Below you can download:

1) the additional data tables from Environment and Climate Change Canada that are referenced in that article.
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