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One flight vs everything else for a year by Barry Saxifrage
CLIMATE DAMAGE PER PERSON: One flight vs per-capita for everything else for a year. Consider: A person creates more climate damage in a few hours of flying than most humans create in years. You can wipe out years of your own climate efforts with a single flight. Jet travel is so climate damaging per passenger that if everyone took just one long distance flight this year it would double global climate pollution, overwhelming every other source of worldwide emissions combined. Aviation is one of the fastest growing and least regulated sources of climate pollution on the planet. If the aviation industry were a nation it would be the world’s sixth most climate polluting. Emissions are rising by 40 million tonnes of CO2 per year and projected to almost triple by 2050. At a personal level, flying first-class creates twice the climate damage as flying standard class. Flying on a private jet can increase climate damage per passenger many times more. You can quickly get CO2 esimates for most flights at the top-rated website. Will we choose dirty travel or a safe climate?
18th January 2018 · by Barry Saxifrage